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Project Management For Modern Information Systems


In the past, project success has been defined too narrowly as simply meeting time and cost constraints for a given scope of work. However, in order for an IT project to be completely successful that basic definition of success needs to be extended to include meeting return on investment expectations, product quality, stakeholder satisfaction, security, maintainability and adaptability. Also, the formal methods and tools of the project management discipline need to evolve to address the changes in modern software engineering and our high-tech global workplaces. With this broader and more appropriate definition of success, IT project management techniques and tools can be modernized, extended, and otherwise focused to be more effective. Project Management for Modern Information Systems describes and illustrates practices, procedures, methods, and tools for IT project management that address this extended definition of project success for modern times.


MySQL Database Design and Tuning


The authoritative, hands-on guide to advanced MySQL programming and
administration techniques for high performance is here. MySQL Database Design
and Tuning is the only guide with coverage of both the basics and advanced
topics, including reliability, performance, optimization and tuning for MySQL.
This clear, concise and unique source for the most reliable MySQL performance
information will show you how to:

* Deploy the right MySQL product for your performance needs.
* Set up a performance management and monitoring environment using tools
from MySQL.
* Implement the right indexing strategy
* Apply good performance strategy when developing software to work with the
MySQL database.
* Configure dozens of variable to correctly tune the MySQL engine.

If you deal with the intricacies and challenges of advanced MySQL functionality
on a daily basis, you will be able to build on your knowledge with author Robert
Schneider's real-world experiences in MySQL Database Design and Tuning.


Database Design: Know It All


This book brings all of the elements of database design together in a single
volume, saving the reader the time and expense of making multiple purchases. It
consolidates both introductory and advanced topics, thereby covering the gamut
of database design methodology ? from ER and UML techniques, to conceptual data
modeling and table transformation, to storing XML and querying moving objects

The proposed book expertly combines the finest database design material from the
Morgan Kaufmann portfolio. Individual chapters are derived from a select group
of MK books authored by the best and brightest in the field. These chapters are
combined into one comprehensive volume in a way that allows it to be used as a
reference work for those interested in new and developing aspects of database


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The Art Of Writing & Speaking The English Language


If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking one's own language effectively. It is the basis of culture, as we all know; but it is infinitely more than that: it is the basis of business. No salesman can sell anything unless he can explain the merits of his goods in effective English (among our people), or can write an advertisement equally effective, or present his ideas, and the facts, in a letter. Indeed, the way we talk, and write letters, largely determines our success in life.

Now it is well for us to face at once the counter-statement that the most ignorant and uncultivated men often succeed best in business, and that misspelled, ungrammatical advertisements have brought in millions of dollars. It is an acknowledged fact that our business circulars and letters are far inferior in correctness to those of Great Britain; yet they are more effective in getting business. As far as spelling is concerned, we know that some of the masters of literature have been atrocious spellers and many suppose that when one can sin in such company, sinning is, as we might say, a "beauty spot", a defect in which we can even take pride.

Let us examine the facts in the case more closely. First of all, language is no more than a medium; it is like air to the creatures of the land or water to fishes. If it is perfectly clear and pure, we do not notice it any more than we notice pure air when the sun is shining in a clear sky, or the taste of pure cool water when we drink a glass on a hot day. Unless the sun is shining, there is no brightness; unless the water is cool, there is no refreshment. The source of all our joy in the landscape, of the luxuriance of fertile nature, is the sun and not the air. Nature would be more prodigal in Mexico than in Greenland, even if the air in Mexico were as full of soot and smoke as the air of Pittsburg{h}, or loaded with the acid from a chemical factory. So it is with language. Language is merely a medium for thoughts, emotions, the intelligence of a finely wrought brain, and a good mind will make far more out of a bad medium than a poor mind will make out of the best. A great violinist will draw such music from the cheapest violin that the world is astonished. However is that any reason why the great violinist should choose to play on a poor violin; or should one say nothing of the smoke nuisance in Chicago because more light and heat penetrate its murky atmosphere than are to be found in cities only a few miles farther north? The truth is, we must regard the bad spelling nuisance, the bad grammar nuisance, the in?rtistic and rambling language nuisance, precisely as we would the smoke nuisance, the sewer-gas nuisance, the stock-yards' smell nuisance. Some dainty people prefer pure air and correct language; but we now recognize that purity is something more than an esthetic fad, that it is essential to our health and well-being, and therefore it becomes a matter of universal public interest, in language as well as in air.


Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer


Completely updated information on e-resumes, internet resumes, and scannable resumes
this is a giant compendium of before-and-after resume transformations and advice that’s hailed by professional resume writers as the definitve resource for writing and desigining resumes that get people noticed. It provides trade secrets of a professional resume writer to the person out there trying to put together the best possible resume when applying for the “ideal job position” they want to attain.


Creating Cool Web Sites with HTML, XHTML and CSS



The Biggest Loser Fitness Program


The next book in the best-selling Biggest Loser series, featuring a personalized fitness program used by Biggest Loser contestants to dramatically transform their bodies and lives!

In The Biggest Loser, NBC’s hit unscripted show, overweight contestants divided into Red and Blue teams undergo dramatic weight-loss transformations the “old-fashioned way”—with diet and exercise. Now, for the first time, fans everywhere will learn the Biggest Loser trainers’ fitness secrets and programs modified for workouts at the gym or at home.

First, pick your “team.” Then, just follow along with either the Red Team or Blue Team workouts, customizing your plan to best fit your lifestyle, goals, and current fitness level. Taking the best moves from the workouts at The Biggest Loser Ranch, the routines in The Biggest Loser Fitness Program require very little equipment, are suitable for readers at any fitness level, and are designed with your busy schedule in mind.

In addition, The Biggest Loser Fitness Program also offers:
sensible and real-life eating advice from the show’s nutrition experts
dozens of tips and tricks for getting started from the show’s trainers and contestants
inspiring and motivating contestant testimonials, including before-and-after photos
clear, how-to photographs for each workout move
modifications for beginners and advanced readers alike

Not all of us can go to the Biggest Loser Ranch for months at a time! This fitness program is the next-best bet for dramatic, weight-loss transformation. Complete with real-life advice and built-in motivation, The Biggest Loser Fitness Program will inspire you to fight fat and become the biggest loser!


Administering Data Centers : Servers, Storage, and Voice over IP


Gain a practical knowledge of data center concepts To create a well-designed data center (including storage and network architecture, VoIP implementation, and server consolidation) you must understand a variety of key concepts and technologies. This book explains those factors in a way that smoothes the path to implementation and management.

Whether you need an introduction to the technologies, a refresher course for IT managers and data center personnel, or an additional resource for advanced study, you'll find these guidelines and solutions provide a solid foundation for building reliable designs and secure data center policies. * Understand the common causes and high costs of service outages * Learn how to measure high availability and achieve maximum levels * Design a data center using optimum physical, environmental, and technological elements * Explore a modular design for cabling, Points of Distribution, and WAN connections from ISPs * See what must be considered when consolidating data center resources * Expand your knowledge of best practices and security * Create a data center environment that is user- and manager-friendly * Learn how high availability, clustering, and disaster recovery solutions can be deployed to protect critical information * Find out how to use a single network infrastructure for IP data, voice, and storage


New Views of the Solar System


When the International Astronomical Union recently redefined the term 'planet'; Pluto was stripped of its designation as the solar system's ninth planet. New Views of the Solar System looks at scientists' changing perspectives on the solar system, with articles on Pluto, the eight chief planets, and dwarf planets that illustrate this 'new view'; Brilliant photos and drawings showcase the planets, asteroids, comets, and more, providing a stunning collection of vivid and detailed images of the solar system.


Designing Storage Area Networks (2nd Edition)


Storage Area Networks (SANs) are now recognized as the preferred solution for fulfilling institutions' and enterprises' critical data-storage needs. Whether powered by Fibre Channel or TCP/IP and Gigabit Ethernet technology, SANs far exceed the capabilities of traditional storage access methods. SANs are quickly becoming the solution of choice for organizations that require high-volume data-handling capacity.

Written for network developers, IT consultants, administrators, and managers, this updated and greatly expanded edition of the best-selling Designing Storage Area Networks goes far beyond a straight description of technical specifications and standards. The text offers practical guidelines for using diverse SAN technologies to solve existing networking problems in large-scale corporate networks.

This design and implementation guide introduces the different types of SAN technology and demonstrates how each can best be used to address specific application challenges—from server clustering to ISP hosting, server-free tape backup to full-motion video editing. With this book, you will learn how the technologies work and how to organize their components into an effective, scalable design. In doing so, you will discover today's best methods for managing storage area networks, including new troubleshooting techniques.

Key topic coverage includes:
# Using the SNIA Shared Storage Model
# Fibre Channel layers and protocols
# Fabrics and fabric switches
# Host bus adapters
# Fibre Channel RAID and Fibre Channel JBODs
# iSCSI and IP storage protocols and products
# SAN management and problem isolation techniques
# Building extended SANs for data center and remote storage access

Designing Storage Area Networks, Second Edition, also features detailed case studies that demonstrate how SANs can solve a number of commonly encountered business challenges, including LAN-free and server-free tape backup, server clustering, and disaster recovery. As an information-systems professional, you must keep pace with this powerful, evolving technology. This book will serve as both an introduction to SANs and a guide to applying these technologies to successfully meet the needs of your organization.


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XML Weekend Crash Course


XML Weekend Crash Course is an excellent source for beginners and experienced users alike for learning or enhancing XML skills in just 15 hours or 30 well-thought out sessions. You will gain a thorough understanding of XML documents and learn what it takes to create
working, viewable XML.


XML Programming Bible


Part I starts with an XML Concepts chapter that gives an overview and History of XML, its purposes, and comparisons against previous and alternative data integration technologies. We then proceed to describe XML basic formats, XML well-formedness and XML Validation against DTDs and Schemas. The chapters on XSL Transformations and XSL Formatting objects illustrate the transformation and formatting of XML data using XML via working examples. Part I endswith examples of parsing XML documents, including examples of XML parsing using SAX and DOM.


Excel Data Analysis: Your Visual Blueprint 4 Analyzing Data

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Excel Data Analysis
Your Visual Blueprint for Analyzing Data, Charts, and PivotTables


Excel is a spreadsheet / data analysis tool attached to the Microsoft Office suite and is available in all Office offerings. Office holds 80-900f the market share for productivity suites. Though many consumers know the basics of using Excel, they may not know the full power of the program. With Excel, you can harness the power of your data, manipulate it to suit your needs, and achieve more by doing less work. Charts are interactive, allowing the consumer to tweak results with the click of a mouse. Pivot tables allow you to fuse data from several sources into one document. Excel has an enhanced Find function, allowing users to easily search entire workbooks, and search worksheets by cell format. Excel supports XML as a file format for easy importing or exporting of XML data. Excel also includes enhancements for saving files as Web pages, and enhancements to Pivot Tables.


Modern Design Magazine - October 2008

Modern Design Magazine : Modern Design and Architecture
The objective of Modern Design magazine is to create an amalgam between the avant garde design of the 20th century with ultra-modernism of today's world and then projecting itself even more into the future.
Combining the everyday contemporary design with the public's ideals and interpretation of non-traditional design, Modern Design is a novelty on the Costa del Sol.
Modern Design magazine is rich with articles, reports, interviews and other types of literature and pictures which can provide information to our readers about cutting edge architecture, art and modern design.
A dynamic energy and eagerness to constantly encourage unconventional ideas is what sets Modern Design magazine apart from it's competitors and will peak the interest of the contemporary art and architectural world.
It aims to create new possibilities in the design field of Spain and throughout Europe, as our ambition is to become international.
This magazine edited in english, is distributed as a free publication with over 20,000 copies from Málaga to Sotogrande.

Modern Design Magazine was conceived for one simple reason; the need for culture found here on the coast.
It's a magazine that brings the most recent and cutting edge design to it's readers, as well as all the latest concepts and information surrounding the architecture, interior design and art worlds.
The magazine contains various articles about contemporary design and it's different origins and influences.
Modern Design invites it's readers to adapt themselves, and change themselves, if necessary, to their ever changing environment; to keep up with today's world, so to speak.
Modern Design Magazine is proudly brought to you by International Architects, Diseño Earle


Guide to a Healthy Cat



Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designs


One of the most highly acclaimed books by graphic design studios and independent artists. This is something anyone who is involved in the business can't do without. Not only will these forms help keep you safe, but they'll inspire ideas on how to grow your business.


How to Do Everything with Windows XP Home Networking

Network badwordthe badwordcomputers badwordand badwordperipheral devices in your home or small office easily with help
from this hands-on guide. How to Do Everything with Windows XP Home Networking explains, step-
by-step, how to select the best components for your needs, set up a wired or wireless network,
share badwordan badwordInternet badwordconnection, badwordprinter, and other resources, secure your network, and fight
spam, viruses, and other potential threats. Get the book that makes it easy to design your own
home network.


Checklists for Life: 104 Lists to Help You Get Organized, Save Time, and Unclutter Your Life


If you've ever wished for a class in Coping 101, or a guide to living more
efficiently and with less stress, this book is for you! Over 100 sensible
checklists offer quick tips and expert advice to make your life easier at work,
at home, and through all of life's ups and downs.


Ready, Set, Organize: A Workbook for the Organizationally Challenged


(Park Avenue) Consumer guide to becoming more organized at work, at home and in
daily life. Shows how to develop annual, monthly and weekly agendas, and follow
them. Also shows how to file and maintain records and papers, and even how to
declutter a closet. Softcover. DLC: Time management.


Organize Your Life: Free Yourself from Clutter and Find More Personal Time


Network badwordthe badwordcomputers badwordand badwordperipheral devices in your home or small office easily with help
from this hands-on guide. How to Do Everything with Windows XP Home Networking explains, step-
by-step, how to select the best components for your needs, set up a wired or wireless network,
share badwordan badwordInternet badwordconnection, badwordprinter, and other resources, secure your network, and fight
spam, viruses, and other potential threats. Get the book that makes it easy to design your own
home network.


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Bodybuilding Recipes & Resourses


What's Inside:
- and much much more...


Groundwater Lowering in Construction: A Practical Guide


Many engineering projects, especially major ones, entails excavations into the water-bearing soils. For all such excavations, appropriate system(s) for the management and control of the groundwater and surface water run-off, should be plannes before the start of each project. In practice, this can only be done with adequate knowledge of the ground and groundwater likely to be encounteredby reference to site investigation data.
This book outlines the practical aspects of groundwater lowering which are of assistance for the successful and economical completion of construction projects.


Water Pumps and Pumping Systems


This one-of-a-kind, clearly written sourcebook tackles the Water Pumps and Pumping Systems specific issues and problems you face every day.
This much-needed reference provides comprehensive, detailed coverage of pump application and pumped water systems as well as a sound working overview of pump design.
Written by a hands-on expert with almost fifty years in the field, Water Pumps and Pumping Systems thoroughly examines:
• NFPA Fire Standards
• Potable and wastewater pumps
• Installation, operation, and retrofit
• Piping system calculations and friction analysis
• Piping materials
• Fire, municipal, domestic, water treatment, and industrial applications
• Tools of design and design analysis
• Performance issues
• Misinformation about the proper operation of variable-speed pumps
• Old rules that need to be replaced regarding pump speed and allowable velocities in piping
• And more

With almost 200 illustrations and valuable material from the Hydraulic Institute, ANSI, and ASTM, Water Pumps and Pumping Systems offers specialized knowledge and priceless experience that cannot be found in any other water industry reference.


McGraw-Hill's GMAT 2008 Ed. - 6 practice tests


Broadly speaking, success in business comes from effectively executing a strategy to attain a competitive edge. What you are looking for in your application to business school is a competitive edge; the GMAT is, after all, a competition between you and every other B-school candidate in the country. There can be a lot of winners in this competition, but you will be compared to each of them, so you must develop a strategy that will help you attain your competitive edge on this vital aspect of the application process. This book will help you develop two different strategies: first, a strategy of preparation for the days, weeks, or months before you take the test; and second, a strategy of execution for when you walk into the testing center and sit down at the keyboard.


Plumbing, 1st Edition


Assuming no prior knowledge of plumbing skills, Steve Muscroft provides step-by-step guidance towards developing the essential skills needed by anyone wishing to embark on a career in this industry.

The reader is guided through each of the key areas and processes in the field of Plumbing, with additional emphasis on Health & Safety. The book fully covers the syllabus requirements for the Level 2 Technical Certificate and NVQ from City & Guilds, and readers will also find that topics essential to actual plumbing practice, not included as part of the Level 2 specifications, are introduced, such as gas fired boilers, service and maintenance aspects, and reference to the Water Regulations (1999). All material is fully in line with latest British Standards (BS 6700 and BS800). This breadth of coverage ensures this text will prove essential reading for apprentices, as well as a useful reference for practicing plumbers.

The book is designed to maximise accessibility of the text for the reader. Activities feature per topic area covered, to allow application of theory into practical contexts, along with Test Yourself questions at the end of each chapter for use during college/centre training. These can also be compiled into the student reader's portfolio as evidence of learning. Each chapter concludes with a set of multiple choice questions, following the style of the City & Guilds knowledge assessment, enabling the student to revise the key concepts introduced in that chapter. These MCQs will also serve as essential preparation for the 6129 Technical Certificate exam. Model answers and answers to Activities are included for reference.


The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies


Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain releief for common ailments? The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies is your answer. Inside you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time.


The Business of Writing for Children


Writing books for children is both art and business. If you dream of becoming a children's author—or even if you're well on your way—this handbook can help you in writing sellable stories, getting them published, and promoting your books. Topics include common myths about children's writing, children's book categories, elements of successful stories, manuscript format, submission strategies, contract negotiation, the publishing process, career building, and children's writer resources. Also included are specialized subjects such as querying for multiple manuscripts, promoting a first book, and designing a Web page.


30 Minutes to Make Yourself Richer



Visual Basic .NET Tips & Techniques


Bestselling and highly acclaimed Visual Basic author Kris Jamsa delivers the ultimate VB.NET resource. Organized by topic and packed with critical information, this book effectively explains complex concepts with precision. Filled with proven techniques and hundreds of solutions that can be put to immediate use easily and effectively, this is a must-have guide for every Visual Basic developer and programmer working with Web services and applications on the .NET platform.


Embedded Control Systems in C C++ Using MATLAB



SQL Server 2005 Bible


Use this comprehensive tutorial and reference to increase productivity and write stored procedures using the language with which you're most familiar. The revised content covers new features such as XML integration, Web services, the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR), and security updates, making this book a must for any developer or database administrator transitioning to the new version of SQL Server. You'll learn to develop SQL Server database and data connections, administer SQL Server, and keep databases performing at their peak. In addition, you'll find dozens of specific examples in both a graphical format and as SQL code as well as numerous best practices describing the most effective way to accomplish a given task. A companion Web site provides all of the code examples found in the book.


Professional WCF Programming


Discover how to build service-oriented applications on the .NET Framework with this comprehensive guide to Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). It walks you through all of WCF's features and functionality and then shows you how to apply this information so you can create robust service solutions that are reliable and secure.
You'll learn all about Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and how WCF answers many of the SOA needs. You'll also explore the core makeup of WCF and progress into advanced topics such as security and interoperability. And you'll learn how to effectively build, deploy, and host your application with the help of WCF management tips and techniques.
Professional WCF Programming covers everything you need to know about WCF, including binding, contracts, clients, services, security, and much more.
What you will learn from this book
*How the .NET Framework 3.0 and WCF extend the .NET Framework 2.0 CLR and how to develop with the Visual Studio® 2005 Extensions for WCF
*All about the WCF programming model and service model
*Tips for integrating WCF with existing applications and technology
*Steps for successfully deploying your WCF services
*Ways to build security into your WCF applications
*Methods for taking advantage of transactions and queues
*How to debug and configure your WCF services utilizing the various WCF management tools


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Acne For Dummies

Product Description
Acne is the most common skin disease in the United States, affecting more than 60 million adults and teenagers each year. Acne For Dummies addresses the causes of acne, and, most importantly, what can safely be done to cover it up, treat it, and minimize scarring. The book covers everything from daily skin care, over-the-counter acne preparations, and when to see a dermatologist to the hazards and benefits of prescription acne medications and the range of dermatological procedures available to erase aftereffects. Also covered are specific issues common to acne as seen in various ethnic groups and other skin problems, such as rosacea, a condition that people often mistake for acne.

From the Back Cover
Clear up acne misconceptions and get effective treatment!

Pimples. Blemishes. Zits. Spots. Whatever you call them, they aren't pretty. But these days, there are lots of treatments. In this friendly guide, a dermatologist explains how you can clear up your complexion, whether you're a teenager or an adult, complete with color photos to help you identify your skin condition. From purchasing over-the-counter products to visiting a dermatologist, find the answers you need for optimal skin care.

Discover how to

* Understand your type of acne
* Assess your treatment options
* Safely use prescription medications, including Accutane®
* Get treatment for scarring
* Clear up rosacea, razor bumps, and other acne impostors


Java Game Programming for Dummies


Book Description
Online game design just got easier with Java Game Programming For Dummies, your all-in-one reference guide to writing cool, cutting-edge Internet games. Java Game Programming For Dummies guides new and veteran game designers alike through the nuts and bolts of creating fun, user-friendly games that can be played across the World Wide Web. From your first basic Java applets to sophisticated techniques for advanced 3-D texture-mapping, animation, maze generation, and collision detection, this handy, plain-speaking reference book gives you the tools and tricks you need in order to write professional-quality Java-based games. Plus, the valuable bonus CD-ROM includes the Java Development Kit (a bare-bones developing environment for creating Java programs); various sound utilities for creating, tweaking, and converting sounds to Java-supported formats; all the games, Java code, and applets found in the book (and several more exclusively on CD); and five bonus chapters on the fundamentals of programming with Java.


Password: Ginseng

Accounting Workbook For Dummies

Trying to get certified and become an accountant? Own a small business but need a little help balancing your books? Don't worry! This hands-on guide provides the learning and vital practice you need to master important accounting concepts and basics. Perfect as a companion workbook for Accounting For Dummies -- or any other accounting textbook -- Accounting Workbook For Dummies gives you a wealth of real-world examples, demonstration problems, and handy exercises. With this helpful resource as your guide, you'll master balance sheets, income statements, and budgets in no time!

100s of Problems!
* Record transactions, track costs, and manage accounts
* Open and close bookkeeping cycles
* Analyze business performance and profit
* Choose the right accounting method
* Master investment accounting fundamentals
* Understand manufacturing cost accounting


Accounting For Dummies, 4th edition

Learn the basics of practical accounting easily and painlessly with Accounting For Dummies, 4th Edition, which features new information on accounting methods and standards to keep you up to date. With this guide, you can avoid accounting fraud, minimize confusion, maximize profits, and make sense of accounting basics with this plain-English guide to your accountant’s language. Understand how to manage inventory, report income and expenses for public or private companies, evaluate profit margins, analyze business strengths and weaknesses, and manage budgets for a better bottom line.


Access Forms & Reports for Dummies

Create queries that make forms and reports useful

Develop forms to access the data you need and make reports that make sense!

If you thought you had to use a spreadsheet program to produce reports and forms, guess what! Access can turn out great-looking forms and reports that actually show what's going on with your data -- if you know how to ask it nicely. This hands-on guide helps you do just that, and it works with all versions of Access.

Discover how to
* Ask Access the right questions
* Work with sets of data
* Create simple forms with a wizard
* Use queries to create new tables
* Troubleshoot queries
* Add visual features to reports


ACT! 2005 For Dummies

ACT! 2005 will help you manage your business contacts and relationships (not just with customers, but also with prospects, vendors, and suppliers) more efficiently and effectively. But there is a catch—you have to ACTivate it. ACT! 2005 for Dummies helps you get your ACT together with basic information about fields, records, files, and navigation, and step-by-step guidelines for:

* Setting up and customizing databases
* Using the calendar to plan your schedule
* Using the alarm to alert you to things to ACT on, whether it’s checking on a huge order or remembering a customer’s birthday (so you’ll get another huge order)
* Protecting your database by assigning specific security levels to users or password-protecting it
* Creating reports and broadcast e-mails

Written by Karen S. Fredricks, an ACT! Certified Consultant, ACT! Premier Trainer, and self-professed ACT! FanACTic, ACT! 2005 For Dummies covers both ACT! Standard Edition 2005 and ACT! Premium Edition 2005. It shows and tells you how to:

* Use ACT! Notes and ACT! Histories to maintain records of all communications and activities
* Tag contacts (to designate whether they are interested in a new product, whether they like golf, whether they rate a glorious gift basket at Christmas or get the automatic fruit cake, or whatever)
* Integrate with Excel, Outlook, and other programs
* Use ACT! reporting and forecasting tools to manage and track sales

Contacts and relationships are the key to any successful business. With ACT! 2005 helping you manage them, you can focus on building your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lot of new customers to add to ACT! 2005?


What You Can Do with Photoshop VOL.2



Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista

Your Guide to Easy and Secure Windows Vista Networking is a complete beginner’s guide to creating, configuring, administering, and using a small network using windows Vista computers.Inside you’ll find comprehensive coverage of networking hardware, including Ethernet (wired) hardware (from NICs to cables to switches to routers) and wireless Hardware–from wireless NICs to access points to range extenders.


Password: a3990918

What You Can Do with Photoshop VOL.1



A+ Certification For Dummies 3rd Edition


# A+ Certification For Dummies 3rd Edition is a no-nonsense, easy-to-use reference and study guide for the A+ Core Hardware exam and the OS Technologies exam! It focuses on all the things you need to know to pass these tests, providing background information to help you understand some of the more complex concepts and technologies.
# Study guide for a+ exam prepared by a CompTIA-certified expert. Includes tips, practice exams (i.e act as a+ certification training).
# A+ Certification For Dummies helps you handle on all the subjects, including: Building and deconstructing a PC,Operating Systems basics,Profiles of Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and XP,Making network connections,Working with the network,Sharing the internet.


Business-to-Business Direct Marketing


This second edition of Business to Business Direct Marketing is the only book that discloses how to profit from the most important weapon in the business-to-business marketer’s arsenal: direct marketing.

Loaded with realworld examples of how the pros consistently increase response and generate more and better leads, Business to Business Direct Marketing gives you the guidance to create and develop narketing communications that win every time.

Veteran business marketer Bob Bly unlocks the secrets behind the seven key strategies and tactics of busines-to-direct marketing.

He takes the reader step-by-step through the different types of communications and media at the marketer’s disposal. Giving dozens of examples drawn from every media, Bly shows how to

Cut through the hype and get real benefits from marketing in the newer electronic media, including the World Wide Web.
Increase the pulling power of every print ad.
Get more inquiries and orders from every ad.
Make your direct mail response rates soar.
Boost response from sales brochures.
Maximize orders from business catalogs.
Create hard and soft offers that sell more.
Profit from postcard decks.
Use press releases and feature articles as direct response tools.
Generate leads from speeches and seminars.
Create inquiry fulfillment packages that close more sales.

Easy to understand and use, Business to Business Direct Marketing is a gold mine of time-tested ideas and techniques guaranteed to produce more profitable communications with business buyers.


Saltwater Aquarium Models


This book is your recipe for saltwater aquarium success. The key is choosing fish, invertebrates, seaweeds, and corals that coexist in harmony. This guide covers the basics of setup, maintenance, and design. It includes more than forty specific recipes for saltwater aquariums, a 16-page color catalog of fish, invertebrate, and coral varieties, and information on more than 100 saltwater fish.


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Astrology for Dummies



USB Mass Storage by Jan Axelson


If a design employs USB mass storage and you must write the controlling code, you will need this book. -- ECN Magazine, January 2007

Jan Axelson knows better than almost anybody else how to write clearly and how to explain complex technical issues. -- EDN magazine, Dec. 6, 2006

"Jan Axelson knows better than almost anybody else how to write clearly and how to explain complex technical issues." —EDN

"If a design employs a USB mass-storage device connection, you will need this book. I recommend it highly." —ECN magazine